0.7.1 New Contents and Changes Update I


Vive la France!


She now equips the Type93 DW torpedoes (replaces the Type93 mod.2).

Torpedo Reload Booster now takes a separate slot.


She now equips Mark IXM torpedoes (Minotaur's torpedoes). Torpedo narrow spread now covers 6° (25% wider than normal - 4.8° for a regular quadruple torpedo tube).

Surface detectability reduced from 6.84 km to 6.49 km.

She can use Hydroacoustic Search consumables; it takes a separate slot: torpedo detection range 2.79km, ship detection range 3.21km, activates for 180 seconds, reloads in 180/120 seconds, 2/3 charges.


Main gun firing distance reduced from 24.77 km to 23.82 km. The firing accuracy increased from 1.8σ to 1.9σ.

Reload time of Repair party consumable reduced to 60/40 seconds.

Consumable Camouflage

+200% XP, +777% Free XP, standard combat bonus.

+200% XP, +555% Captain XP, standard combat bonus.

+400% XP, standard combat bonus.

Commemorative Flags

Chinese New Year

Vive la France! Collection

This collection has 18 collectibles, divided in 3 sub-collections. A player will earn a legendary French captain Jean-Jacques- Honoré (A fictional character, I assume, just like Jack Dunkirk) with two specialities:

+3°/second rotation speed for 139mm guns and below, +1°/second rotation speed for 140mm guns and above.

-0.25% reload time of all armaments for every 1% HP loss.

NEW Ribbon Style

4K Resolution




The volume of citadel hitbox is reduced, and module HP is also redistributed.

Commemorative Flags

Vive la France

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