0.7.2 Tier IX Soviet Cruiser Kronstadt


Better than we did on the last April Fool.

Kronstadt is a 40000-ton monster but, just like other cruisers, fire lasts only 30 seconds. Oh poor Graf Spee.

Her HE shells weigh lighter than AP shells.

Hit Points 82300
Plating 25mm
Armor Belt 230mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 34%
Maximum Speed 33.5 knots
Turning Radius 840 m
Rudder shift time 14.9 sec
Surface Detectability 14.76 km
Aerial Detectability 13.02 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 11.4 km
Consumable 1 (October Revolution variant)
Consumable 2
Consumable 3
Consumable 4
305mm/54 Mk15
Layout 3×3, AB-X
Reload Time 20 sec
180° Rotation Time 35.3 sec
Sector of Fire AB±150°, X±155°
Firing Range 18.19 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 242 m
σ 1.8
305mm HE
Damage 4200
Muzzle Velocity 920 m/s
Chance of Fire 24%
305mm AP
Damage 9000
Muzzle Velocity 900 m/s
Penetration @ 5/10/15 km 589/513/442
Firing Range 5.0km
152mm/57 Mk17
Layout 4×2
Reload Time 8 sec
HE Damage 2200
Chance of Fire 12%
100mm/56 M3-16
Layout 4×2
Reload Time 3.75 sec
HE Damage 1400
Chance of Fire 6%
100mm/56 M3-16
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4×2 59 5.0km
37mm 46-K
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
7×2 85 3.5 km
12.7mm DShK
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
6×2 31 1.2 km

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  1. Surely a battleship. HP like a battleship. Guns like a battleship. Size like a battleship. And you should play her like a battleship.

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