0.6.13 Tier IX Premium Japanese Battleship Musashi


Yamato's sister ship.

Musashi modeling (hull, main guns, secondaries, etc) are all new, not a copy-paste of Yamato.

Her floatplane catapults are asymmetric.

Hit Points 97300
Plating 32mm
Armor Belt 200-410mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 55%
Maximum Speed 27 knots
Turning Radius 900 m
Rudder shift time 18.7 sec
Surface Detectability 18.0 km
Aerial Detectability 15.99 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 19.27 km
Consumable 1
Consumable 2
Consumable 3
460mm/45 Type94
Layout 3×3, AB-X
Reload Time 35 sec
180° Rotation Time 72 sec
Sector of Fire ±149°
Firing Range 26.5 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 275 m
σ 1.8
460mm HE Type0
Damage 7300
Muzzle Velocity 805 m/s
Chance of Fire 35%
460mm AP/APC Type91
Damage 14800
Muzzle Velocity 780 m/s
Penetration@ 5/10/15/20 km 768/667/569/496
Firing Range 7.0 km
155mm/60 3rd Year Type
Layout 4×3
Reload Time 12 sec
AP Damage 3300
127mm/40 Type89 A1 mod.2
Layout 6×2
Reload Time 7.5 sec
HE Damage 2100
Chance of Fire 8%
127mm/40 Type89 A1 mod.2
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
6×2 61 5.0km
25mm/60 Type96 Triple
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
12×3 73 3.1 km
13.2mm/76 Type93 Twin
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
2×2 7 1.2 km

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