0.6.8 Miscellaneous Changes Update III


This article retraces all changes since 0.6.8 supertest.

0.6.8 supertest changes, update on July 3.

0.6.8 public test changes, update on July 6.

0.6.8 public test 2 changes, update on July 13.

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British BB Miscellaneous

All changes prior to July 12 have been moved to client, and Conqueror still has her 457mm guns. In short, Conqueror is now a 18-inch-gun ship with extrodinary manuverability , concealment, and recoverability.

British BB's AP richochet angle reverted from 60°/67.5° to the regular 45°/60°. Now only Hood retains that old settings.


Nelson now uses regular Repair Party consumables (thus only Lion and Conqueror use British-CL-alike ones). Her firing accuracy has been reduced.

Nelson‘s on-turret floatplane catapult and Catapult Plane consumables were both removed.


Lion's Hydroaccoustic Search consumables are replaced by British Tier 9 Surveillance Radar.

Lion's rudder shifting time increased by 66.7% (on both hulls). They are now 22.15 sec and 15.82 sec, respectively.


457mm guns were disabled (whether it will be removed or become an upgrade remains unknown).

Conqueror now uses 4x3 419mm main guns. The maximum H-dispersion were adjusted to keep in line with other British BBs.

Firing arc of AB turrets was reduce by 1° and became ±141°.

Firing range reduced from 29.2 km to 24.25 km, vision radius was slightly reduced. But her firing accuracy was increased.

Basic surface detectability reduced from 19.08 km to 14.76 km.

Manuverability was slightly improved.

A turret's firing arc increased to ±143°.

Rudder shifting time increased from 10.4 sec to 17.32 sec.

Graf Zeppelin

F5 torpedo's range decreased from 3.6 km to 2.0 km; detectability increased from 0.9 km to 1.1 km; chance of causing flooding on hit decreased by 56%.

Auto drop spreading changed to 540 meters (the distance bewteen the leftmost and rightmost torpedo). Manual drop spreading changed to 480 meters.

Aircraft Carrier

Lexington, Essex, Midway, Shokaku, Taiho, Hyakuryu's extremity armor protection reduced from 21 mm to 19 mm.


Fiji's secondaries firing range decreased from 5.0 km to 4.5 km.

Chapayev, Hipper, Prinz Eugen, and New Orlean's secondaries firing range increased from 4.5 km to 5.0 km.

Henry IV, Zao, Des Moines, and Hindenburg's secondaries firing range increased to 6.0 km. They were different previously.

Gneisenau and Scharnhorst's secondaries firing range increased from 5.0 km to 5.3 km.

Bismarck and Tirpitz's secondaries firing range increased from 7.0 km to 7.5 km.

Frederick de Gross's secondaries firing range increased from 7.0 km to 7.6 km.

Grosser Kurfurst's secondaries firing range increased from 7.0 km to 7.7 km.

Japanese DD Miscellaneous

Torpedo Reload Booster: The variant that previously reduce the torpedo reload time to 30 seconds now reduced it 8 seconds; another variant that previously reduce it to 5 seconds now has it cooldown reduced.

Shiratsuyu's Torpedo Reload Booster consumables now share the same slot with Smoke Generator.

Shimakaze's main gun reload time reduced from 6 sec/round to 5.74 sec/round.

German Miscellaneous

Ernst Gaede's HP on Hull-B increased from 15700 to 16500. (Previously this upgrade does not increase maximum HP.)

German 88mm secondary HE's damage reduced from 1100 to 1000, chance of causing fire reduced from 7% to 4%; making it identical to the one on German DD's main gun.

German 105mm secondary HE's damage reduced from 1300 to 1200, chance of causing fire reduced from 9% to 5%. German CLs with 105mm main guns are not affected by this.

German 128mm secondaries' RoF increased from 5 sec/round to 4 sec/round.

Soviet DD Miscellaneous

53-39 mod. 3 torpedo was removed from Khabarovsk. Now she uses only ET-46 torpedo, but the torpedo detectability was reduced from 1.1 km to 0.6 km.

Grozovoi's basic surface detectability reduced from 8.29 km to 7.62 km; main gun RoF increased from 4.2 sec/round to 4 sec/round.

Tashkent's B-hull HP increased from 19600 to 21800.

Ognevoi Hull-A triple torpedo tubes' reload time reduced from 69 to 55 seconds; Hull-B quintuple torpedo tubes'reload time reduced from 115 to 92 seconds.


Basic firing range reduced from 16.95 km to 15.05 km. Vision radius was increased.

Global Changes

Damage Control Party Mod I,Spotter Mod I were moved to the first slot.

Engine Boost Mod I,Defensive AA Fire Mod I,Hydroaccoustic Search Mod I,Surveillance Radar Mod I moved to 4th slot (based on 6-slot).

Smoke Generator Mod I now -5% to the smoke life instead of -12%.


Surveillance Radar's ranges increased from 8.5 km to 9.9 km, duration unchanged.

Basic surface detectability reduced from 13.86 km to 12.7 km.


Main gun RoF increased from 6 sec/round to 4.8 sec/round.


Main gun RoF increased from 5 sec/round to 4.5 sec/round.

New Port: Dunkirk

New Commemorative Flag

Coast Guard

Battle of Villa Gulf

Battle of Vella Gulf was a small naval conflict between the US navy and Imperial Japanese Navy on 6-7 August, 1943.

Collector's Edition: Gallant

Operation Dunkirk

Collector's Edition: Graf Zeppelin

2017 WG Summer Fest

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  1. More radar? Now all the T7-T10 DD which have not >12km trop are shitty DD. That is a great news for BB(Babies) players! But why Des Moines class cruiser is still in game? LET US SEL IT:)~!

    1. sorry i don't know Chinese so i use English
      Warspite still have regular ricochet angle, she hasn't had it

      1. Baka asks if the penetration angle of warspite will be also changed. But I personally think that warspite has the normal penetration angle at 60/45.

  2. Versions prior to WG in order to be lazy, Belfast and Indianapolis shared radar. Times change indeed Belfast has changed. But we believe that this is the result of WG so far has not been amended.

  3. Conqueror becomes another Montana clone. How fun and totally not boring. /s

    Ognevoi gets yet another fantasy buff instead of being moved back down to Tier VI or VII where it belongs.

    Grozovoi finally has the stats it should've always had from the start.

    Trashkent gets a minor buff that won't change anything.

    Khabarovsk gets another meaningless nerf that will leave it still stupidly OP.

    Did I miss anything or does that about cover it?

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