Graf Spee: Azur Lane


It was supposed to be the end of the direct replacement of the resources for the hand-swimming, and the result was almost redrawn, causing alzheimer's (so there shouldn't be a second shot).

How to use

  1. For WGC users: unzip the file, put PnFMods/ and into [Game folder]/bin/[Largest number]/res_mods/[Current version number]/.
  2. For Steam users: unzip the file, put PnFMods/ and into steamapps/common/World of Warships/bin/[Largest number]/res_mods/[Current version number]/.


ALB Graf Spee.

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  1. This update (0.9.7) makes the production of PnfMods stand-alone appearance modules caused by the game dead, so it is not useful.…TAT.

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