0.6.11 New Contents and Changes UPDATE III


Clan battle, Pan Asia DDs, and new premium ships.

Tier I Ship

Main guns are more accurate when firing at close range.

Cheng An

127mm/40 Type89's reload time decreased from 7.5 seconds to 5.5 seconds, 180° rotation time decreased from 22.5 seconds to 15 seconds. And those guns are less likely to be destroyed.

Pan Asia Destroyer

Long Jiang

500mm G/6 AV** deepwater torpedo's damage drcreased from 10600 to 9233; torpedo range decreased from 6 km to 5 km; 10.6% reduction to chance of flooding.

Phra Ruang

533mm Mark II deepwater torpedo's torpedo speed decreased from 53 knots to 52 knots; torpedo range decreased from 6 km to 5 km.

Jian Wei

Torpedo reload time decreased from 80 seconds to 73 seconds.

533mm Mk7 deepwater torpedo's damage increased from 15733 to 16700; torpedo speed increased from 59 knots to 62 knots; torpedo range increased from 6 km to 6.4 km; 7.3% increase to chance of flooding; detectability increased by 100 meters.

Hsien Yang, Chung Mu, and Hsiang Yang

Gain surveillance radar consumable on slot 3 (engine boost). This new variant has fixed detection range at 7.5 km, and last 10 seconds, 12 seconds, and 15 seconds for Tier 8, Tier 9, and Tier 10, respectively. (For comparison, Black's surveillance radar has a detection range of 7.5 km and last 20 seconds.)


410mm/45 gun's reload time decreased from 35 seconds to 31 seconds, 180° rotation time decreased from 54.5 seconds to 45 seconds, maximum range was increased by 700 meters.

Graf Zeppelin

Add a 3000-doubloon permanent camouflage.

  • a set of standard combat bonus.
  • +50% XP earned per battle.
  • +50% Captain XP earned per battle.
  • +10% Credit earned per battle.

Huang He now has 4.2 km concealment penalty when firing in smoke.

Giulio Cesare now has 10.86 km concealment penalty when firing in smoke.

Fixed the pitch of Bellerophon's 4th turret.

Black Rock flag no longer has a burning man in it.

PVE Scenario

Only Tier VI ships are allowed in Season 1 PVE scenarios.

Clan Naval Base

Naval base development provides more bonus: XP bonus +3%; ships' service fee -10%; Credit cost to purchase ships -10%.

Gun Pitch Correction

Guns on some battleships (especially pre-WW2 dreadnoughts) cannot fire at a close-range target due to poor layout. In WoWS, the system will attempt to make arc shot by raising the gun barrels. But sometimes, it goes beyond the elevation limit in history. To correct this, few gun turrets received a limited pitch.

This change will not affect gameplay, however, it may have tiny, minor, subtle side effect on Arkansas, Wyoming, Ishizuchi, Konig Albert, and Kaiser.

Clan Battle

Clan battle is a high competitive mode that displays the worthiness of a clan and its clan members. It is also the main source of clan development resource - oil.

Ladder point (placeholder name) will be introduced to evaluate a clan's effort in clan battle. Clans will be therefore divided into four leagues: Bronze League, Silver League, Gold League, and Platinum League.

Those who are familiar with Team Battle can navigate themselves in clan battle, the rules are basically same. Except that a clan can send multiple divisions into the matchmaking wait list. Divisions from the same clan will not fight each other (matchmaker will not do this). Imagine a fully developed 50-people clan with 49 active players and 7 divisions in queue, SPLENDID!

However, clan battle division CANNOT have players from another clan or no-clan mercenaries.

Pan Asia Destroyer

The regular torpedoes on Pan Asia DDs have been removed. Deepwater torpedoes are the only option they have, at least for now, and they now do the same amount of damage just like regular torpedoes.


Warships firing inside or around smoke will have a concealment penalty.

IFHE now only have -1% chance of fire penalty for guns of 139mm and below.

Commemorative Flags


Collector's Edition: Giulio Cesare

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  1. So far Long Jiang is looking like a straight up worse version of V-25. And at Tier II there's fewer BBs and more straightlining potatos so not even any benefit to the deep water torps.

  2. Common torpedo cut…. Also back to normal, who want this kind of mine-not DD's black torpedo…... Concealed what use is high, bright opportunities for mine for thousands of species, water, will play the BB damage control is reserved for water

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