0.5.13 treasure chest rare item drop rate


This article shows the ”rare item” drop rate in treasure chest in upcoming 0.5.13


“Random” chest will pick”Signal flags” ,”credit” ,”premium consumable”or”rare item”at random. The first three treasure chests will not drop rare items. The following loot table applies only to”random" ->“rare item”category.

The loot table below only applies to the 1st iteration of 0.5.13, and it is subject to change. But it will give you an idea of "what's inside".

Rare Item Drop Rate
Beyond-the-premium-shop ship 0.02%
Tier 7-8 premium ship 0.02%
Tier 5-6 premium ship 1%
30-day premium account 0.44%
Large amount of doubloons 0.33%
Ultra large amount of credit 4.4%
Large amount of free xp 1.1%
Small amount of doubloon 0.66%
Large amount of credit 22.3%
Bundle of Type-6 camo 15.3%
Bundle of signal flags 39.33%
Bundle of damage control II 10.9%
Small amount of free xp


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