Arpeggio of Blue Steel interface mod

Pale blue arpUI cover

A mod that consumes Yuntian's hair and liver

    How to use

    1. Download the release mod package (zip/7z)
    2. Unzip the package
    3. Put the files into"/profile/" or "/res_mods/'the current version number of the game (0.x.x)'/" folder


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    Knowledge sharing license agreement
    This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


    1. 這裡停更了?感覺好久沒新內容了,希望云天大大能繼續保持更新~


    2. Waiting for the big 0.10.9 German Second-Line Version Update, the German Sub-Gunboat's New Experience !!! Thanksgiving

    3. Haven't updated for a long time, expect the cloud day big 0.10.7 version update! ! New Shipbuilding Seven Provinces Alliance version

    4. Expect a big 0.10.4 version update on Cloudy Day!! German second drive second active version, Battle of the Beasts

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