Arpeggio of Blue Steel interface mod

Pale blue arpUI cover

A mod that consumes Yuntian's hair and liver

    How to use

    1. Download the release mod package (zip/7z)
    2. Unzip the package
    3. Put the files into"/profile/" or "/res_mods/'the current version number of the game (0.x.x)'/" folder


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    This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


      1. Big Brother Yun Hello ~ want to ask the current latest version of the module has included which coating @@?

        小弟這幾天剛入坑, 想找蒼鋼的高雄塗裝來套在愛宕上頭~"~

    1. Mod need to be update for coz "flags" push ur camera to fly away from the ship.

    2. The number of the ships aimed to u is a little bit hiding behind the marker of visibility.


    3. Dalao, I used RAA after the MoD, in the Res_mods folder directly deleted the MoD ontology. Results in the RAA of the MoD interface still show I installed, point in a press uninstall on the crash, installation keys or gray, and then want to Ann back. Why is that? Is there a solution?

    4. April Fool's Day version of the time to look forward to 0.7.3 version of the oven ~

    5. Please sky big, have time to help update, 0.6.14 call to 0.6.15 my own encounter is, into the fight no problem, but the battle of the settlement screen would not come out, the UI took off the 15 version seems different, I'm trying, thank the sky greatly hard

    6. Hello…. I really wish I could join the Mod Developers of this group… I know how to Edit the Skin to Arpeggio themed, but I want to learn more…. May I humbly ask to join the developers? I already asked this uestion before, now I want to ask again…

    7. 0The 6.13.1 version of the module will cause each battle Midway camera picture frame, ship and camera perspective detachment, resulting in a ship can still control, but the picture is set there in the strange situation, please the author of the door to the prosecution ~ ~ Thanksgiving!

    8. DX11 will cause I hull modules broke, DX9 normal Oh I ever try to die-field module and everything is normal, because the previous version interface is also made of the sky much too much of a problem, but this did not know what the problem is:-"

    9. Now at version 0.6. version 12.0 can not enter the fight footage, became stuck after the finished Loading, but the battle will still be started, so please have the latest version, please? thank you, Oh

    10. Eu Server – Wows crashing  almost every game,  if  UI is activated
      Using skinmodels from this site + Monstro Maker + Arpeggio Tracer and Playerpanels from  the official wows modpack.

      i would be happy if you can fix it so i can use i

      Sincerely Apter


        1. Hi,
          The Skin i'm using:

          FSI- Iowa, FSI-Missouri, FSI-Yamato, UAN – Atago, UAN- Des Moines, UAN – Cleveland,, UAN Hindenburg, UAN Ibuki, UAN Moskva, UAN Nagato, UAN Taiho and UAN Zao 

          At the Time of the of the last  post UAN Amagi bit today i changed the Skin to FSI Amagi. 

          and one new Skin installed for Kaga called Cosmo Navy Kaga.  No Source got it from a Friend and found it on Facebook


          Sincerly Apter


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