Monster Hunter World heterogeneity Blade 2 Super Dimensional Phantom IV bullet T-elos RE:MOD

T-elos-Re: Propaganda map

Former heterogeneity legend 32 wife


How to use


  1. Download the release mod package (zip/7z)
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Copy the list to the game directory (typically steam/steamapps/common/monster Hunter world/)


Monster Hunter World X heterogeneity Blade 2 T-elos Re:mod
Video Production technology video group Green Maple ゛DeviCrazz assists all members of the video group of the Hunting technology
This mod is made using Deviant's Kurokairaku's Heterogeneous Sword 2 unpacking model
SEA-GROUP, DMQW Hunter Group, DMQW Hunter-Fox Study Group to keep everything in this mod modification release reprint propaganda right
This mod project dominates: Laughing (Crimson Faust) 123 Everyone's a wooden man.
Thank you for the weapon effect modification provided by DMQW, the little demon of the DMQW. Thank you for the material table provided by Jodo, the DMQW of the Technology MoD group. FABAJI provide advice and guidance to MoD
This mod compared to the original game character color is more white and bright still can not restore stroke, painting wind to a certain extent to restore, close to the original 2D rendering style.
MoD contains T-elos Re: Anti-fixture Modification (replacement of Guild Cross Phantom) and its weapon (Too knife: Carlo Sword Fire Water poison paralysis) and weapon effects
This mod map path has been moved out and is theoretically supported in applying its modifications to other armor and weapons.
This mod does not necessarily fully conform to the original due to various objective reasons or the author's subjective ideas will have different degrees of magic change.

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Extraction Code: i493

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