Monster Hunter World Previous generation weapon replacement Series IV bomb

Monster Hunter previous generation Import IV bomb propaganda figure JPG

Bomb IV (replacement of weapon models from monster Hunters 3tri 3G 4G XX

Monster Hunter previous generation Import IV bomb propaganda figure JPG

How to use


  1. Download the release mod package (zip/7z)
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Copy the list to the game directory (typically steam/steamapps/common/monster Hunter world/)


Monster Hunter World previous generation mod fourth bomb collection package
Video production: DeviCrazz
This mod was made using a 3tri 3G 4G xx unpacking model from the Monster Hunter's previous generation.
 Sea-group, Dmqw Hunter Group, DMQW Hunter-Fox Study Group to keep everything in this mod modification release reprint propaganda right
This four-bomb mod project dominates: 123 Everyone is a wooden fox.
Thanks to N net author AsteriskAmpersand to provide the model mod3 file of Huang Black dragon Bow, thank the Deputy class chief FABAJI-north to provide a part of the model of the Thunder Wolf Mrs. Long Knife
MoD contains monster hunter in front of the introduction of weapon armor modification 14 weapons 46 put two sets of armor a total of 48
The MoD in this mod collection package does not necessarily fully conform to the original due to various objective reasons or the author's subjective ideas will have different degrees of magic change.
Welcome to pay attention to DMQW, more works continue to praise the release of updates!


Click here to watch the demo video


Extraction Code: SP3X

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