0.7.7 German tier 6 battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich


The name is Friedrich indeed, but unfortunately he did not become der Grosse (

Consumable-wise, damage control and repair party are common german BB type.

The main guns have pretty nice reload time, rotation speed and sigma; but because of the high air drag coefficient, the AP penetration is emmmm.

And then the HE penetration is also very common 1/6 of calibre

The main gun's name says the calibre is 350mm, but in the shell parameters, the diameter is in fact 356mm...

Hit Points 52300
Nominal tonnage 35300 tons
Engine Power 90000 hp
Plating 25mm
Armor Belt 270mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 27.4%
Maximum Speed 28 knots
Turning Radius 800 m
Rudder shift time 14.0 s
Surface Detectability 12.78 km
Aerial Detectability 12.39 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 10.97 km
Consumable 1
Consumable 2
350mm/42 SK/C14
Layout 4×2, AB-XY
Reload Time 24 sec
180° Rotation Time 30sec
Sector of Fire ±145°,±145°,±150°,±150°
Firing Range 17.82 km
σ 2.0
350mm HE
Damage 4000
Penetration 59mm
Muzzle Velocity 815 m/s
Chance of Fire 27%
Price 75 credits
350mm AP
Damage 10500
Mass 800 kg
Muzzle Velocity 815 m/s
Fuze delay 0.033 sec
Price 75 credits
Firing Range 5.0km
σ 1.0
150mm/42 SK/C09
Layout 14×1
Reload Time 7.5 sec
HE Damage 1700
HE penetration 37mm
Chance of Fire 8%
Muzzle Velocity 875 m/s
105mm SK/C37
Layout 8×2
Reload Time 3.35 sec
HE Damage 1200
HE penetration 18mm
Chance of Fire 5%
Muzzle Velocity 900 m/s
20mm Flak 38
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
12×1 36 2.0 km
37mm SK/C30
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×2 20.8 3.5 km
105mm SK/C37
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×2 133.6 4.5 km

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