0.7.7 French Tier 9 battleship Jean Bart


A sister ship of Richelieu of which the bridge is less modern but, mysteriously the overall performance seems better...

WG published a series of upcoming changes on their Facebook page, but this article will be based on the current client data Those changes have been implemented in 0.7.7 PT2

Consumable-wise, damage control is same as most british/german/frenche battleships; repair party is the same as the Gascogne's; main gun relaod booster halves reloading time during 30s, CD 120s/80s, 2/3 loads; speed boost is same as other french BBs; she can't mount any kind of seaplanes.

Hit Points 69000
Nominal tonnage 49196 tons
Engine Power 150000 hp
Plating 32mm
Armor Belt 330mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 32%
Maximum Speed 30 knots
Turning Radius 850 m
Rudder shift time 16 seconds.
Surface Detectability 16.38 km
Aerial Detectability 14.16 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 15.05 km
Consumable 1
Consumable 2
Consumable 3
Consumable 4
380MM/45 Modèle 1935
Layout 2×4, AB
Reload Time 26 sec
180° Rotation Time 36 sec
Sector of Fire ±150°,±144°
Firing Range 24.52 km
σ 2.0
380mm He
Damage 5400
Penetration 63mm
Muzzle Velocity 830 m/s
Chance of Fire 36%
Price 120 credits
380mm AP
Damage 11900
Mass 885 kg
Muzzle Velocity 830 m/s
Fuze delay 0.033 sec
Price 120 credits
Firing Range 5.0km
σ 1.0
100MM/55 Modèle 1945
Layout 12×2
Reload Time 3 sec
HE Damage 1400
HE penetration 17mm
Chance of Fire 5%
Muzzle Velocity 855 m/s
152MM/55 Modèle 1936
Layout 3×3
Reload Time 12 sec
HE Damage 2200
HE penetration 25mm
Chance of Fire 12%
Muzzle Velocity 870 m/s
57MM/60 Modèle 1951
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
14x2 357 4.5 km
100MM/55 Modèle 1945
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
12×2 177.6 5.0km
152MM/55 Modèle 1936
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
3 ×3 24.9 5.0km

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