0.7.4 Tier X U.S. Cruiser Worcester


The top tier of the US light cruiser branch.

Basic firing range increased from 14.7 km to 16.7 km (and the maximum dispersion becomes 148 m). Sigma value increased to 2.05, and the AA strength of the main guns increased from 76 to 121.

Worcester's 2nd / 5th turret does not have blind zone towards bow / stern (i.e., all three fore turrets can fire right at the front; all three aft turrets can fire at its tail), it is unclear if it is intentional or a bug.

Worcester has a pair of functional catapults with a plane mounted. Though the FB didn't explicit state whether she has floatplane or not, we infer from Cleveland's consumable setup and assume she would also have one.

Hit Points 45400
Plating 25mm
Armor Belt 127mm
Maximum Speed 33 knots
Turning Radius 740 m
Rudder shift time 10.7 sec
Surface Detectability 12.42 km
Aerial Detectability 9.09 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 6.03 km
Consumable 1
Consumable 2
Consumable 3
Consumable 4
152mm/47 DP Mk16
Layout 6×2, ABC-XYZ
Reload Time 4.6 sec
180° Rotation Time 7.2 sec
Sector of Fire All ±146°
Firing Range 16.71 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 148 m
σ 2.05
152mm HE/HC Mk39 mod.0
Damage 2200
Muzzle Velocity 812 m/s
Chance of Fire 12%
152mm AP Mk35
Damage 3200
Muzzle Velocity 762 m/s
152mm/47 DP Mk16
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
6×2 121 6.0 km
76mm/50 Mk33
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
11x2 + 2x1 346 5.0km
20mm Orelikon
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
12×2 73 2.0 km

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  1. This ship does not see any bright spots, except for the gas-burner with a sudden catch dd, none of the others are available……

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