0.6.14 Tier VII Premium British Battleship Duke of York

Duke of York

Sister ship of King George V-class battleships.

In WoWS, Duke of York is a hybrid of cruiser and battleship.

    Features as a battleship:

  • She is no doubt a tier 7 battleship and has a battleship matchmaking weight.
  • Identical hull characteristics (survivability, concealment, maneuverability, etc.) as KGV.
  • Takes long time to wind up engines.
  • Big guns. HE has a fixed penetration of 1/4 of its caliber; short-fuze AP with ricochet angle at 60°/67.5°.
    Features as a cruiser:

  • Consumables: DCP activates for 5 seconds and reload in 60 seconds. Can use Defensive AA or Hydroacoustic Search, but no Repair Party nor Catapult Planes.
  • Can use Defensive AA Fire mod.1 module or Hydroacoustic Search mod.1 module.
  • Fire only lasts 30 seconds.

Hit Points 60500
Plating 25mm
Armor Belt 260mm – 381mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 22%
Maximum Speed 28 knots
Turning Radius 790 m
Rudder shift time 15 sec
Surface Detectability 14.6 km
Aerial Detectability 12.5 km
In-smoke Firing Detectability 12.63 km
Consumable 1
Consumable 2
356mm/45 MarkVII
Layout 1x4 + 1x2 + 1x4, AB-X
Reload Time 30sec
180° Rotation Time 45 sec
Sector of Fire A ±144°, B ±142°, X ±138°.
Firing Range 18.15 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 242 m
σ 1.8
356mm He Mark VIb
Damage 6100
Muzzle Velocity 757 m/s
Chance of Fire 41%
356mm AP Mark VIIIB
Damage 10500
Muzzle Velocity 757 m/s
Firing Range 5.0km
134mm/50 QF Mark I
Layout 8×2
Reload Time 6.67 sec
HE Damage 1900
Chance of Fire 8%
134mm/50 QF Mark I
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×2 65 4.5 km
40mm Bofors Mark II
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
2×4 32 3.5 km
40mm/39 QF Mark VIII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×8 158 2.5 km
40mm/39 QF Mark VII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
6×4 77 2.5 km
20mm Orelikon Mark V
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×2 49 2.0 km
20mm Orelikon Mark IV
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
39×1 140 2.0 km

Duke of York is priced at 375,000 Free XP.

Duke of York is priced at 9800 doubloons.

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  1. It's supposed to be the most ugly ship in the game. Like the Yellow River down the level can still play it I am afraid to feel like two grade. No milk, too little.

  2. 5s more reload time, no heal means 60% or more hp less than KGV, AA is not improved, useless AA consumable. Why waste Free XP or money on this "Duck"

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