Space Battleship Yamato


Fixed several serious bugs

  1. Disappearance of some lod2 ship hull models
  2. Abnormal pitch behavior of main and secondary guns
  3. Dislocation of the third turret

The UAN version of spaceship Yamato also has the first two problems. I will fix them in one or two days.

How to use

  1. Download the release mod package (zip/7z)
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Extract content to game directory”/res_mods/version/”folder


Yamato's model is modified fromyam_2nd's MMD model

Aircraft model is modifies from's Type 100 scout plane

This skin completly disables camouflages on the ship

And there's a tiny easter egg (


For the polycarbonate (toy) version, please download v1.1

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  1. Now That the Galaxy Is out, Do you think there may be a Galaxy version soon? just wondering

      1. This model of the cosmic Battleship is super concise, the complexity may only be the original LOD2 grade, if this can fry memory ...

  2. The turret sometimes has a gun tube facing down two cannon tubes normally not known to fix the No…

      1. Before in the sunset under the fire found a gun tube a downward two upward feeling strange to adjust the angle of a good back again and bug the play is very strange.

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