0.6.10 New Contents and Changes UPDATE III


British battleships, naval base, visual effects, new events, and Tokyo Game Show.

Japanese Aircraft Carrier

All Japanese fighter squadrons' (including the one on Kaga) wipe-out penalty on servicing time increased from ×2.5 to ×3. In addition, this nerf ALSO applies to Hyakuryu's Tier X torpedo bomber and dive bomber squadrons.

British Battleship

σ on Conqueror's 419 mm guns decreased from 2.0 to 1.8.

Fixed the auto bounce angle of AP shells on certain British battleships. (Queen Elizabeth, Nelson, 419mm-gun Lion and Conqueror retained their legacy 60°/67.5° auto bounce angle by mistake and therefore they looked more powerful than they should be.)

Graf Zeppelin

HE bomb, AP bomb and secondary armament changes.

Commemorative Flags


Commemorative flag for the players who helped raise money for registering the Record for the Most People Singing a Song set in Dudinka in 2017.

Iron Duke

Iron Duke was the flag ship of England Great Fleet for more than two years during WWI, including the famous Battle of Jutland. She was named after the 1st Duke of Wellington, British Prime Minister, and Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, a.k.a. ”Iron Duke”.


England expects that every man will do his duty.

Premium Collection: Kii

The wind is blowing, but the mountain is unshakable.

Tokyo Game Show 2017

2017 Tokyo Game Show will be held from September 21 to September 24.

World of Warships 2nd Anniversary

September 17, 2017. A wave of events and celebration is coming soon.

Clan Navy Base

Navy base is an expanded clan function, so far it has five buildings and a number of unlock-able bonus, providing some better-than-nothing benefits to clan members.

The main resource is oil, more active players (in-game AFKers does not count!) means more oil. It is simple.


  • +10 to clan members cap. (max. 40). Cost 100,000 oil.
  • +10 to clan members cap. (max. 50). Must have previous item unlocked. Cost 500,000 oil.


  • No bonus.


  • -5% Credit cost to purchase Tier V ships. Cost 3,000 oil.
  • -5% Credit cost to purchase Tier VI ships. Cost 10,000 oil.
  • -5% Credit cost to purchase Tier VII ships. Cost 30,000 oil.
  • -5% Credit cost to purchase Tier VIII ships. Cost 100,000 oil.

Dry Dock

  • -3% servicing cost for destroyers. Cost 5,000 oil.
  • -3% servicing cost for cruisers. Cost 20,000 oil.
  • -3% servicing cost for battleships. Cost 100,000 oil.
  • -3% servicing cost for aircraft carriers. Cost 100,000 oil.

Research Center

  • AllUS ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllJapanese ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllGerman ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllSoviet ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllUK ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllFrench ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
  • AllPan-Asian ships earn 2% more XP. Cost 25,000 oil.
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