0.6.11 Tier I Pan Asia Cruiser Cheng An

Cheng An

A small escort ship built during the Second World War for the Imperial Japanese Navy and transferred to the Republic of China in 1947.

The promotion poster says it is a DD, but the in-game stat says otherwise.

Its AA strength is deliberately weakened because Tier I ship won't encounter any aircraft.

Hit Points 4900
Plating 10mm
Maximum Speed 19 knots
Turning Radius 240 m
Rudder shift time 2.0 sec
Surface Detectability 6.12 km
Aerial Detectability 4.31 km
Consumable 1
127mm/40 Type89
Layout 2×2, A-X
Reload Time 5.5 sec
180° Rotation Time 15sec
Sector of Fire A ±160°, X ±149°
Firing Range 8.54 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 79 m
σ 2.0
127mm HE Type1
Damage 1050
Muzzle Velocity 725 m/s
Chance of Fire 8%
127mm/40 Type89
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
2×2 4 5.0km
25mm/60 Type96 Triple
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
2×3 2 3.1 km

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