0.6.8 Tier IV British Battleship Orion


The first dreadnought ship in the world to carry 343 mm main guns; she was superior to all battleships built before her in terms of firepower. Besides this, in contrast to her British predecessors, the ship had reinforced side armor and a more advanced arrangement of artillery guns.

Hit Points 42700
Deck Protection 25mm – 38mm
Casemate Protection 25mm – 305mm
Citadel Protection 63mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 13%
Maximum Speed 22 knots
Turning Radius 610m
Rudder shift time 12.52 seconds
Surface Detectability 14.4 km
Aerial Detectability 9.96 km
Consumable 1 Damage Control Party (BB)
Consumable 2 Repair Party (BB)
343mm/45 MarkV
Layout 5×2 AB-P-XY
Reload Time 30 sec
180° Rotation Time 72 sec
Sector of Fire AB 150° / P 30°-150° / X 148° / Y 150°
Firing Range 15.84 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 218 m
σ 1.8
343mm HE MarkV
Damage 5900
Muzzle Velocity 787 m/s
Chance of Fire 40%
343mm AP MarkV2a
Damage 9500
Muzzle Velocity 787 m/s
Penetration @ 5/10/15 km 398/288/210
Firing Range 3.5 km
102mm/50 BL MarkVII
Layout 16×1
Reload Time 7.5 sec
HE Damage 1500
Chance of Fire 6%
102mm/45 QF MarkXIX
Layout 4×2
Reload Time 3 sec
HE Damage 1500
Chance of Fire 6%
102mm/45 QF MarkXIX
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4×2 38 5.0km
40mm Vickers 2-pdr. QF MkII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4×1 23 2.5 km
12.7mm MkIII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4×4 8 1.2 km

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