0.6.8 Tier VI British Battleship Queen Elizabeth


The first battleship in the world to carry 381 mm main battery guns. When commissioned, she was one of the fastest ships of her type. In the interwar period, the battleship was extensively upgraded. Her torpedo protection was reinforced, and her outdated secondary battery was replaced with up-to-date dual-purpose artillery. The ship also received aircraft handling equipment.


Queen Elizabeth's combat characteristics remain in line with other tech-tree British battleships. Thus she differs from her sister Warspite.

Hit Points 55300
Deck Protection 25mm – 127mm
Casemate Protection 25mm – 330mm
Citadel Protection 51mm
Torpedo Damage Reduction 22%
Maximum Speed 23.5 knots
Turning Radius 680 m
Rudder shift time 14.32 seconds
Surface Detectability 14.4 km
Aerial Detectability 11.43 km
Consumable 1 Damage Control Party (BB)
Consumable 2 Repair Party (BB)
Consumable 3 Catapult Spotter (Walrus)
381mm/42 MarkI
Layout 4×2 AB-XY
Reload Time 30 sec
180° Rotation Time 72 sec
Sector of Fire 150 °
Firing Range 17.15 km
Maximum H-Dispersion 228 m
σ 2.0
381mm HE MarkVIII
Damage 6300
Muzzle Velocity 731.5 m/s
Chance of Fire 35%
381mm AP MarkXXIIb
Damage 11400
Muzzle Velocity 731.5 m/s
Penetration @ 5/10/15 km 497/405/330
Firing Range 4.0 km
114mm/45 MarkIII
Layout 10×2
Reload Time 5 sec
HE Damage 1700
Chance of Fire 8%
114mm/45 MarkIII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
10×2 89 5.0km
40mm Vickers 2-pdr. MarkVIII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4x8 79 2.5 km
20mm Orelikon MarkV
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
4×2 24 2.0 km
20mm Orelikon MarkIV
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
14×1 50 2.0 km

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