0.6.6 Premium Tier VI British Destroyer Gallant


Gallant is a member of the British G-class destroyers.

Gallant excels in concealment, and she can use a single-firing torpedo just like the British cruisers. However, she has almost no air defense capability.

We had a discussion on whether "gallant" is a noun or adjective in this specific context, but drew no agreement.

Gallant's 2nd turret can rotate 360°.

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Hit Points 12000
Plating 16mm
Maximum Speed 36 knots
Turning Radius 540 m
Rudder shift time 2.9 seconds
Surface Detectability 6.84 km
Aerial Detectability 3.36 km
Consumable 1 Damage Control Party (DD)
Consumable 2 Smoke Generator (Tier 6)
Consumable 3 Engine Boost (Regular)

120mm/45 QF MkIX
Layout 4×1
Reload Time 5 sec
180° Rotation Time 18 sec
Sector of Fire Vary
Firing Range 10.18 km
σ 2.0
120mm HE QF MkIX
Damage 1700
Muzzle Velocity 808 m/s
Chance of Fire 8%
120mm AP QF MkIX
Damage 2100
Muzzle Velocity 808 m/s
Penetration @ 5/10 km 90/35
533mm Quad
Layout 2×4
Reload Time 96 sec
Torpedo firing sector 56 ° – 112 °
533mm MkIX
Torpedo Damage 15433
Torpedo Speed 61 knots
Torpedo Range 8.0 km
Detectability 1.3 km
12.7mm MkIII
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
2×4 4 1.2 km

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