0.6.6 Premium US Tier VIII Aircraft Carrier Enterprise


Legend of the Pacific Theatre, USS Enterprise

Enterprise has excellent torpedo protection and powerful close-range air defense, and she has excellent mobility as a carrier. Similar to Kaga, Enterprise carries down-tiered planes.


USS Enterprise's hangar capacity increased from 78 to 96.

Hit Points 51400
Flight Deck Armor 25mm – 38mm
Citadel Protection 32mm – 102mm
Anti-Torpedo Protection 28%
Maximum Speed 32.5 knots
Turning Radius 1070 m
Rudder shift time 12.8 sec
Surface Detectability 14.58 km
Aerial Detectability 13.77 km
Consumable 1 Damage Control Party (CV)
Consumable 2 Defensive AA Fire (US CV)
Flight Control 1 (FT-TB-DB) 2-2-2
Hangar Capacity 43-25-28
Fighters 5 planes/squadron
Torpedo Bombers 5 planes/squadron
Dive Bombers 5 planes/squadron
Grumman F6F-3 “Hellcat”(Tier 7)
Hit Points 1560
Servicing Time 6.6 sec/plane
Speed (Normal/Sweep) 166/183
DPS 56
Loadout 71.9 sec
Grumman TBF “Avenger”(Tier 7)
Hit Points 1510
Servicing Time 6.9 sec/plane
Air Speed (Loaded/Returning) 133/166
Torpedo Damage 9867
Torpedo Speed 34knots
Torpedo Range 3.66 km
Douglas SBD-5 “Udaloy”(Tier 7)
Hit Points 1430
Servicing Time 5.4 sec/plane
Air Speed (Loaded/Returning) 137/171
Bomb Damage 7500
Bomb Spread H 142m /V 355m
Firing Range 4.5 km
127mm/38 Mk24
Layout 8×1
HE Damage 1800
Chance of Fire 5%
Reload Time 6 sec
127mm/38 Mk24
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×1 64 5.0km
40mm Bofors Mk1
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
8×2 90 3.5 km
40mm Bofors Mk2
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
6×4 95 3.5 km
20mm Orelikon Mk4
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
50x1 180 2.0 km

Enterprise is priced at 14000 doubloons.

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