0.6.5 miscellaneous changes and others [PTS1.1]


Balance changes and new signals. Updated decorative flags.

Victory Day

Customized Victory Day flag for EU region.


General Eisenhower adopted this symbol in Operation Overlord.

Dunkirk Evacuation

House flag of ”the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships”. The flag was originally lined with a St George's Cross.

Kaga Premium Collection

Kamchatka lily is the flower of Ishikawa Prefecture, where the ancient Kaga Province existed.


Same symbol as the Hood's Emblem.

Dragon Boat

Customized Dragon Boat Festival flag for CN region.

Hunt of Bismarck

The campaign suggests that each task will give only 1 collectible container upon completion, and tasks must be completed in random battle.


Main gun rotation speed increased from 2.5°/sec to 3.3°/sec.


Main gun rotation speed increased from 3°/sec to 5°/sec.

Signal flags


  • +50% credits

Red Dragon

  • +100% Exp
  • +100% Captain exp


  • +777% Free exp


  • +50% Exp
  • +150% Captain exp
  • +250% Free exp

Émile Bertin

Maximum speed increased from 35 to 39 kts.

Steering rudder output increased by 56%; rudder drag reduced by 28%.

Henri IV

57mm/60 ACAD anti-aircraft guns' damage increased from 97 to 204 per second, firing range increased from 3.5 km to 4.5 km.


Seaplane catapults on her stern used to be asymmetric, they are now placed symmetrically.

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