0.6.1 Tier V Soviet Destroyer Podvoisky


Podvoisky (Pronounced: Badvoisky) is a paper ship from Pr.1929. It will replace the Gveny and become the new Tier 5 destroyer in Soviet Destroyer branch.


Hit Points 12700
Plating 10mm~13mm
Maximum Speed 42 knots
Turning Radius 700 m
Rudder shift time 3.3 seconds
Surface Detectability 7.7 km
Aerial Detectability 4.2 km
Consumable 1 Damage Control Team
Consumable 2 Smoke Generator
Consumable 3 Engine Boost
130mm/55 B-7
Layout 5×1
Reload Time 9.2 seconds
180°rotation time 22.5 sec
Sector of Fire Full week rotational variable/field of fire
Firing Range 9.6 km
sigma value 2.0
130mm HE OF-54
Damage 1900
Muzzle Velocity 861 m/s
Chance of Fire 8%
130mm AP PB-46
Damage 2500
Muzzle Velocity 861 m/s
Penetration @ 5/10 km 117/72
533mm 39-U triple tubes
Layout 2×3
Reload Time 70 seconds
Torpedo firing sector 45°~135°
533mm 53-36
Damage 14400
Speed Section 64
Firing Range 4-kilometer
Detectability 1.3 km
533mm 53-38
Damage 14400
Speed 65 knots
Firing Range 4-kilometer
Detectability 1.3 km
37mm 70-K
Layout Average DPS Firing Range
5×1 29 3.2 km


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