Customizable camouflage-removing mod

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Customizable camouflage-removing mod

This tool generates a MOD to hide the appearance of in-game camouflages (camo bonus applies normally).

Select ship(s) in the ship list;Click “Generate”, a download link will then appear;

Download it through the link – it is a “camouflages.xml” file;

Move the mod under the folder “WOWS/res_mod/0.x.x.x”

Refresh the page to redo it again.

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  1. Not bad mod but has a little flaw.


    It is not removing following camouflages :

    1. Ocean soul

    2. New year -2017

    3. type 3 – ranked


    Probably some others rare camos too , but i don't have them to check

    1. Indeed, these camos can not be removed from only specified ships…

      Here’s an example of removing ocean soul camo:
      1. Open camouflages.xml with your text editor
      2. Look for (ctrl+F) “<!–//CN special tiled camo–>”
      3. Delete the first paragraph (from “<camouflage>” to “</camouflage>”)
      4. Save the file

      Then you’ll see the Ocean Soul removed from most of your ships…
      I mean “most of” your ships, not a specific one.

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