0.6.0 changes in the balance of PT


0.6.0PT changes.

Ejection seat fighter

All battleships equipped with ejection seat fighter 360 seconds, shortening the duration of 60 seconds*。 Cooling time remains unchanged. Cruiser catapult fighter is not affected.

Recharge of the coin ejection seat fighter costs from 15 Gold (22500 coin) down to 5 coins (or 7500 coins).

* Launch fighter jets launched action takes 10 seconds (German for 5 seconds). Flight control in water (Captain 1-5) case, two ejection-type aircraft to send completed a total of 20 seconds (10 seconds).


Inertia fuze (Captain 4-3)

HE play the dark bonus increased from 25% to 30%.



Bismarck's water to water.



Prices for 12200 gold sale remains unknown.

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